One-of-a-Kind Real Estate Career Opportunities

Discover fulfilling real estate career opportunities with 1st Choice Homes Lakeside. At our company, we encourage you to aim higher and challenge yourself in a supportive environment with an very attractive pay plan.

Join Our Team

As part of our team, each associate has the opportunity to experience long term emotional and financial satisfaction. Moreover, you will have the knowledge that your role in the company makes a difference.

A Successful Foundation

When our owner first obtained his broker’s license in Florida in 1974, he built a reputation for his business practices. He was widely known for managing a real estate sales agency, possessing expertise in working with a range of people, and helping to ensure his company’s and his workers’ success.


Email:  mike7129@prodigy.net.mx
Address:  San Luis #449A, Chapala, Jalisco
Phone:  (376) 766-1737 
Mobile:  (331) 388-8484

We are pleased to announce that Michael Smith is now the owner and Broker of 1st Choice Homes Lakeside. His background in sales (aircraft, yachts, artwork and real estate) and business consulting will make him a valuable asset to our team. In addition to owning sales organizations in the above mentioned fields. Smith also was the founder/owner of Consulting Technologies, Inc. an organization devoted to designing workshops and seminars, many of which were licensed to many of the fortune 500 enterprises. An example is "the Leadership Intensive" a course designed to bring forth Leadership Abilities for all Management personnel. Smith also was instrumental in the early 80's developing "Coaching" technologies that enabled CEO's and other key Management personnel the ability to access peak performance from their associates. Today many CEO's and upper management personnel are utilizing Coaches to work with them on a regular basis. Mike has lived in the lakeside area for 12 years with his wife Joyce. 


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