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Our goal is to give you an idea of what 1st Choice Realty is committed to in terms of opportunities for joining our organization and viewing some of our listings. We want you to get a sense of our vision for the future.


I recently purchased 1st Choice Homes Lakeside. It is my intention to create a unique organization utilizing  the management and sales techniques I have been exposed to over 40 years as a Sales Agent and Broker Owner, selling real estate, aircraft, yachts, art work and a very successful consulting business.


I am an accomplished sales trainer and motivating leader and strives to have all associates produce un-precendented results. I am committed to all associates experiencing increased profits from their individual performance and the very attractive payment plan being offered offered to them to "coach" other agents.




Broker's Role

Here is what I consider the Broker's role to be:


(1) I Love what I do and have a great partner in life. Meet my wife Joyce pictured above.


Joyce and I have lived in Lakeside for over 18 years, and moved here from Belize.  Prior to that we both lived in the Ft. Lauderdale/Delray Beach communities for over 30 years. Joyce retired as a professional photographer and since moving here to Lakeside has taken up painting and we now have a gallery of paintings and photos.


(2) As The 1st Choice Broker/Owner I will coach, train, teach, and be a Committed Listener to all associates, be their partner, not compete for leads. Instead work in partnership with each sales agent or partner to work with them in the planning of the actions that produce agreed upon results, to write listings, contracts, and the necessary actions that conclude with successful and breakthrough sales.

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